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I found myself offended when the Eragon trailer told Harry Potter to ‘move aside’.


Ok, also, I love this new Dunkin’ Donuts commercial I just saw with the Fratalian.

I realize I seem a shallow tv-centric person, but that who I am for now. I am looking forward to having tv in the home again. Once I find the home. Once I figure out how to cover relocation expenses.

Other offensiveness happened, but this is the most recent and unexpected. Racism? Entitlement? Self-absorption? Things that suck way more but are encountered


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I may complain about the upstairs neighbors and their noisy illy-timed parties, but there are other neighbors who make noise and I’m sure we make noise, too.

But now, with everyone cleared out for vacation, it’s kind of nice to hear some repetitive “bye bye, baby, bye bye” pop rock ballad. Lots of strumming. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but it has no disturbing bass line and hearing it is sort of like having company. Like if you and I were sitting in adjacent armchairs, reading.

Remind me of this if I get annoyed at their band practice on run-through 68 of the song. I hope I shall admire their dedication and consideration for their neighbors by waiting until now to practice.

I’m tempted to wander out and figure out where it’s coming from. But I’m not as ballsy as I used to be. And I should get into safer habits if I’m going to move to crime central (Baltimore).

I am so living in a suburb. I love suburbs and the lifestyle. No lie. I’ll fight you on it.

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Deathly Hallows, eh?

I saw a recent picture of Daniel Radcliffe and yelled “Stop it! Stop growing up!” and bugged my eyes out a little.

I don’t think I’m aging with very much grace. What will I do when I’m saying “I’m still young” and it’s met with “you’re only as young as you feel!” instead of “of course you are!” ?

I think I will probably eat something, let’s not lie here.

But excited about Harry Potter 7. I feel like it has the awesome potnetial to be the best out of them all. But even if it falls short, we’ll still have 3 and all the promise 6 brought.

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So, who can tell me about Baltimore?

Which neighborhoods are stabby? gentrifying? way too expensive to live and park in? How’s commuting from/to? What’s to do? Who’s to see? What are the tax rates like? [state income tax is apaprently 4.75 if you are a resident?] Do people throw things at you when you say you are from Baltimore? Do you throw things at people when you hear someone’s from Baltimore?

I am most likely moving there after graduation.

Anything you got about Baltimore – hit me.

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There are some little things, more mundane than the prosaic, more quotidinial than the everyday, that I still get a kick out of. Maybe after documenting enough of them a pattern will become evident and we will know more about the kind of things I value or at least react to.

One of my favorite things on thefacebook.com* is finding out that someone in one of my networks has mutual friends from another of my networks. More specifically, that someone where I currently find myself knows someone from another part of my life. High school friends who all up and went to the same school do not count. So, like some random grad student came here to this university from an undergrad university where a high school friend was and there they are under mutual friends and oh goodness, the gossip we could have! It might fill minutes.

I would really appreciate someone explaining the ‘NUM(mult)-removed’ bit of family trees to me. Thanks!

*Hey, I’m old-school. I miss it sometimes. Saying the definite article as part of the name offered the opportunity to be all hipster-dipster ironic and distancing from something riskily lame-o that you loved anyway.

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How could people who live in Maryland, on this hilly, forest-ridden, mountainous east coast of the U.S. know what a thousand-yard stare really looks like? How can you look a thousand yards in any direction here? There’s always something intruding, always something in the way.

I want to be able to stare a thousand yards in just one direction.

Not from a hilltop, feet on the flats.

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For the past few hours, I’ve been smelling this vaguely barbecue chip-like smell. I figured it had been the smell of university-student study space that we were flobbing about in. The tiny aptmate and I were walking back in the semi-cold so my sense of smell only really started returning when we were back inside for a few minutes.

But back in the apartment, I realized it was coming from me. My hair, more specifically. I had the roommate smell to confirm (I know, I’m compulsive and bizarre, but you know – if you’ve been concentrating on something too long you aren’t going in with a clean ‘palate’ or what have you – also, pregnant people and hormones). So, yeah. It was me.
I am not entirely sure how I came to smell like this, but all of the products and styling procdures I used today will never be combined again. Mm-mm. No.

I do not want to attract things to my head because it smells like chips. No good could come of it.

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