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This bit of judgment hits upon Veronica Mars and (Spanish) grammar issues, both of which I am keen on. Less keen is the rude “Don’t they have people to catch this horrible glaring errors?!” and way too slow to change out captioning.

I guess I don’t really have any sort of a feel for laísmo or any analogous phenomenon in English, but if it’s done enough to have an -ism name, then it can’t be so “I am taken aback!”ening. It is a show that even seems to require, in a lot of ways, settings, and characters, a good dollop of nonstandard/nonprestigious speech patterns.

A little bit lame, but who am I to talk?


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Monday Smackdown

Pynchon vs. Delilo


oh, MLK Jr. oh, oratory.

I am also developing an idealism crush on RFK.

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The Blingo/Google search for doogal steaming pile of celebrity-studded crap yielded zero results.

I am going to be composing letters to the actors involved. Hopefully their letter-repliers will have answers for me. How did this get made?


In temporally-related news, the evening was redeemed by a few rousing rounds of Apples to Apples.

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