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Hands off, Music –

Stop wiggling my dizzy-stick!

You know you’ve got those songs, too.


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Small happy in contacts

I love websites that take you to a page with contact information (address, phone, email, whathaveyou) instead of hijacking your internet experience by opening your default mail client and setting up an outgoing mail. No no no.

I think the small happy is spreading. I hope it is. Who has influence over these design things? Go! Influence!

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Small happy – emails

It is a small happy to find a thoughtfully composed  email. It doesn’t have to be an electronic letter to qualify. Heck, that might be a big happy. No, just the fwd’d youtube link that is labeled is a tiny happy – labeled with something other than ‘i hope you like dis!’ or ‘omg hahaha awesome i’m so nostalgic for the 90’s that was the shit, man’. A label like “TMNT Vanilla Ice Dance” is more welcome than something utterly nondescriptive.

And emails that put the actual subject in the subject line? Double plus. While many emails are simple “Hey, joy-z” emails, why not label it “Spring Break Plans” if that’s what it’s about?

Go ninja go ninja subject line.

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