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I am writing this to say that I am saddened that there are no results returned for a blingo/google search for “reproduction possibilities curve.”

Folks, this is an area primed for punning! Whether it is an attempt at a bad econ pickup line or a thought piece about reproductive rights, the RPC should already be out there, on the internet, where all things both glorious and frightening reside and have their being.

Step up, Internet. Step it the hell up!


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Two Men, Smoking, Conversing

F: Man, look at these warning labels. Do they ever make you worry about what this is doing to us?

G: Naw, man. I only smoke the ones that are bad for fetuses.

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Baile Funk! Baile!

Bonde do Role (still no idea how to pronounce it). Mad Happy (who were alarmingly mad cute).

Despite mistaken inadvertent early arrival (shoulda gone to the library), had the fun. Four of us danced in a big empty space, anyway. Emo kids standing in a corner. High school alternakids monkeyflailing in another. Finally finally the high energy.

But the four of us? We’re We’re Here To Dance (no stutter!) and we’ll dance at your parties to keep things from getting too sad or slow to start. We’re Here To Dance! And to scream nonsensically, yell-sing made up English lyrics because we don’t know the Portuguese, and raptor fight dance.

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One Down’d!

Senior year of high school, it was the common refrain that we were basically Cookie Monster – “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me“. At this high school, though, that really meant some of us decided B+’s were fine, B’s if we were daring and already sure where we were going to college.

This fourth year of college, it’s realer. (Yes, realer. I also say “quicklier” but that’s another story.) The mantra I heard yesterday one upped the one my high school had decided on: “D equals diploma“. Fittingly, this same person assured me (and a third group member that had worries about my motivation levels), that if this was a race to the bottom, he would beat me there.

Ah, comfort.

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Future Love Sexed Out

A note, first: I did enjoy the JT concert. I would say it was worth it, but I would also not do it again. Timbaland’s performance/multimedia experience/singalong? Awwwesome.

But really – even Justin Timberlake cannot look three-w awesome rocking out on a *keytar*.

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