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Beautiful sunny day with some wind. Skin snuggles from the sun and SAD dissipation. Lying out on green grass under trees that only infrequently attack you with falling leaves and never with bird poo. Hanging out with Team Awesome (minus Dexter) and playing this ‘game’ where you put your head on someone’s stomach and then someone lies down with their head on your stomach and a human chain is formed. The first person says ‘ha’, the second ‘ha ha’ and so on until someone is overwhelmed by the absurdity and laughs first. The Ha-Ha Game. We made ourselves a triangle. Jon’s inability to be anything but smiling and laughing. Vinu’s tiniest of tiny snores – wasn’t even sure I was hearing anything.

A perfect Brown Earth Day Shirt (Word to your mother!) and food from Bodo’s Bagels just in time before the crankiness set in harsh and severe, much like second winter. A comment from the flourishy, dynamo Bodo’s cashier about said shirt.

A boy who was my friend is still my friend and like-likes me and I think I might be able to like-like him, given some time. For all my panic and trepidation about commitment and long-distance and someone I have had firmly on the ‘friend-only’ side of the line for so long (he had a girlfriend plus everyone starts out on that side of the line, unless they are on the ‘hell, no, get away, freak’ side of that other line)… things seem good and hopeful today. Decisions can be made slowly and sunnily.

Roommate’s brother and his friend are crashing at ours for a couple of nights, up from Virginia Tech for Spring Fling. It’s neat to see them and it’s maybe the best thing to watch Roommate and her brother be sister and brother.

Under the influence of a Team Awesome Ha-Ha Game Triangle, most things can be made to seem better. Monday, we are meeting to have dinner and make things solid. I’m not going to worry about papers or failing. Que sera, sera and I will simply do the next right thing, the next good thing and let go of the previous thing, however it might be described.

*PLUS* Brown First-Year Reunion Tonight – come?! Gonna go buy stuff for it. Have ‘cleaned’ already, too! Much love. Tomorrow’s gotta be better.

[Sun through eyelids *is* awesome. I never knew it could work. *happy sigh*]


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It’s been a long year and a hard year and maybe the last year I’ll get to think of ‘academic year’ instead of ‘calendar year’ or ‘fiscal year’.

I can’t believe that Virginia Tech had another … I… I don’t even with teh words fuckin typos. jowbu regijk32. I’m not articulate. I think I’m sad. Really, I’m just so tired. And I will be at work tomorrow when the chapel bells toll at 2 and won’t be able to hear them. Maybe I’ll beg off early. Maybe I’ll study more.

From the mass email to the University community, to … I don’t know. Address the issue:

Caleb Euhus, a student from Lynchburg, wrote a poem today entitled “Tech Wind.”  He sent a copy this afternoon, and he agreed to my sharing its argument and some words from it with you.  He invokes today’s fierce winds to combat and assuage the horror and anger that all thoughtful women and men must feel about today’s catastrophe in Blacksburg.  Echoing sentiments as old as Lamentations, Mr. Euhus calls on nature itself — the very wind — to share this grief.  The poem ends with the lines “Make haughty grass bow down its stalk/And mourn for all those killed.”  Mr. Euhus speaks for all of us.

I started this with nowhere to go and that’s where I’m ending it.

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