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I have now been to my first Trader Joe’s. It was pretty alright. I could not find yeast or bread flour, but that’s okay. Ready-made carnitas and veggie chips, woohoo. Free range chiiiickens.

As I struggled back to where I parked with my two too heavy bags to the lot that was closest to where I’d come in but farthest from the Trader Joe’s itself, a thirty-something black man* and his cute little kid walked by on their way into Bally’s, I assume. The dad asked if I was going to make it with all those heavy bags. I was superhappy that someone was being nice. It’s crazy how happy surprised. Anyway, I declined since I was 7/8 of the way there.

On the drive back, I a car with New York plates both signaled to cut in front of me *and* gave a courtesy wave when let in. !!!

I went to church (not a first), but didn’t go in (also not a first). Eventually, I’ll go to something and attend.

Hey –

That ‘you catch more flies’ – I don’t want flies! Maybe ‘trap’.

*One of my old roommates used to stick in the race/ethnicity of people in her descriptions. At first, it struck me as odd and uncomfortable, like why call attention to it? But then it started to make sense as simply providing that in your description and not letting ‘white’ be a default as much. It also made me realize just how much of a default that is when I starting picturing people as they are described to me. Gosh, America – thanks a lot.


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Early Pearly NC Burly

we all want someone who’ll love us and hold us

to curl up alongside when nights are the coldest

and we all want someone who’ll love us and hold us

all i want is you for christmas

“we all find things that aren’t terribly self-destructive to divert our misery

“don’t touch the back of my head

rhett<3 murry!! philip >.< ken =cD

good time charlie-ing it

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The Greatest Meh in America

I have been in Baltimore (Baltiless) nearly a full month now. It’s been new and different and normal and the usual paradox of moving and starting over.

I’d comment on the eyesore factor except …

As with last summer, around this same time – right before school is slated to restart though I will not be attending this fall – I seem to have gotten something in my eye and scratched the epithelium. Now, procedure is to leave the contacts out and just rest for 36 hours to make sure things have healed up.

So, I’ve spent the past week with contacts off and on and hurting and wondering. The past few days have been the tension between wanting to actually go to work and get to do that new job of mine and show them they didn’t make a mistake in hiring me.

Also, I have this boyfriend who has this birthday that is this weekend. It would take at minimum three hours to drive there, but we know traffic makes it four plus. So I got to wonder if the eyes will be okay. … but they must.

After all this worry, I realize I have purchased that contact solution that had the recall issued on it however long ago. ACK. So if this isn’t a gross amoeba possibly leading to blindness (knock on wood oh God oh God), then it is at very least not helpful to the possible eyescrape or my thinking.

Anyway, I am definitely taking off work tomorrow and finding some way to get different lens solution, a different case, and call some eye doctors. (Dude, what is the difference between optometrists and opthamalogists again?)

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