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JIT* for Christmas

My car finally got released on Friday. It feels so good to be together again, if a bit awkward at first. He’s changed, but he’s still my dear old friend. I find myself doing things that I had to do with the rental car and forgetting to do things for him that the rental car didn’t require. I imagine that this feeling of small shame and surprise when I ‘misperform’ is similar to someone getting back together with the ex they were really meant to be with but still have some habits from the most recent, decent, but in the end not-quite-fitting significant other.

As with any ‘meant-to-be’, I am hoping my car understands, forgives me, and works through it with me.

I hope your Christmas has been wonderful. This is the best weather. I miss you all and invite you all to come visit in the new year!

*Just in Time rather than the name


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