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Girl Power

Men WomenMen are better educated than women overall, but that statistic is poised for change. According to the Census Bureau’s report on Educational Attainment, released today, younger women are better educated than men — a gap that is extending into graduate and law schools. Richard Fry, a senior research associate at the Pew Research Center, notes that among 25-to-29 year-olds, 8% of women have an advanced degree compared to 5% of the men. Among 30-to-34 year-olds, 11% of women have an advanced degree in comparison to 9% of the guys.

The country is also attracting better-educated women from abroad. Among recent immigrant arrivals of all ages, 33% of women finished college and 70% have a high school diploma. Among men: 29% have a college degree and 62% have a diploma. “It used to be the case that when one examined the new arrivals to the U.S., the men were much better educated than the women. That has really turned,” says Mr. Fry. –Conor Dougherty

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But why?

Do women love learning more for whatever reason?
Is it that women, more than men, who want to get ahead at the margins need the hard bargaining chip of an accreditation such as a degree, either because their male counterparts can get ahead more easily (not having to ‘prove’ themselves against negative expectations) or because women tend to avoid conflict (assume they do wish to avoid) and something independently vouched for (by accreditation) is preferred to using past experience and projects (self-defended and promoted) when coming to the executive commmittee?
Do men and women enroll in such programs at an equal rate? Maybe women are less likely to make the commitment to a grad degree and not follow through?

What are other aspects of this?


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