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No More New Vigils.

I wonder what it would be like for universities across the nation to not have quite so many tragedies to … ‘en-vigil’.


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Last week, I went to the bank to deposit a check. Ahead of me half a block was a mentally impaired homeless woman. Or man. But I’m guessing woman. A white man, glasses, beard, walked by her and her shopping cart. She yelled something at him. He shook his head, held up a ‘stop/no’ hand and kept moving.

I walked past her, thought about making eye contact and nodding, which I generally do with people, but decided maybe not since she seemed both insane and slightly antagonistic. Didn’t much matter. As I was veering for the curb, she comes at me, yells, “Get away from me you Chinese bitch!”

I am startled but still moving past her, and as I pass, I feel that she has thrown something at me. It’s hit my head, but for one blessed instance my hair has actually failed to catch something and whatever piece of filth she hurled at me has fallen back to the ground. I do not have curiosity here to satisfy. I am also saying, “Well, that was unnecessarily racist, you hobo.” Not loudly, just the way you do when your filters off and the thoughts tickertape, unimpeded, across the tongue.

Lovely life experiences gain one more story!

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