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The news did its scare tactic bit of “uncovering the high prices at large discount superstores”.

What? What uncovering? Since Le Bon Marché and the fixed-price thing plus all those price tagging guns, how much uncovering is needed?

It is irritating as rock-in-the-shoe to have news be so ratings-oriented. Please, bombard me with idiocy, idiocy that will stick to me even as I stand in the supermarket, trying to push it out of my mind and remember which of the options available to me is the least likely to contribute to the (un)health conditions which I am most likely to fall victim to.

I know sorting through information and distilling it into something meaningful, useful, and true is an essential skill. It’s not only part of regular living but essentially the way I make my living. (I work at an economic, financial, and accounting consultancy.) But there is more (quantity) and more (comparative) sophisticated misinformation. [See WaPo article on generalities on the new approach of students towards research tasks.]

What do you do, then? Research everything? Unpossible!, to quote Ralph Wiggum. Pick ‘experts’ on different areas to listen to? Say ‘blurgh’ after whinging on your wordpress blog? ‘Haps.

Still, my next easy-enough-to-choose steps will be (1) to cut back on meat, (2) pick a date to visit the recycling plant [sometimes it’s hard to believe it doesn’t just get thrown away], (3) choose a topic for me to become ‘expert’ in. Then, I’m going to spend at least 10% of my time sniping down ridic newspieces and re-doing them. It will be like PSAs.

P.S. There were sirens on the television, I wasn’t sure if it was real sirens or tv sirens, and it didn’t phase me.
Ah, Baltimore.


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Randy Pausch

Robert Kennedy

Paul Ford

This will be extended.

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Today I got overwhelmed by the past few years. It’s as if all of the years 1999-2006 just banded together and bumrushed me. (2007 kind of sat this one out on account of being too young still. Years can be dead and gone but still young. It’s a funny thing.)

I basically finished all my assigned work and did a few other things. My direct ‘supervisor’ had left early and the manager was busy in meetings. I wasn’t focusing this afternoon anyway.

I left work early and stood out on my balcony in a men’s dress shirt. I stood until a few minutes had passed. They say sunlight is good for you – not your skin but your mood and your sleep. I’m in a despondent mood despite how beautiful it is out and Lord knows I could use better sleep.

And it’s been 366 days since the Virginia Tech massacre.

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“Young professionals who were carrying on as if history had never happened before because it had never happened to them.”

Where that quotation is from, I can’t recall, but it stuck enough for me to stick it here.

Part of living a shame-driven life (which of course I have been) is anxiety about marking yourself as a ‘type’. Constant balancing, trying to fit in enough to socialize but not so much that you can’t stand out. After all, to leverage anything, you need a bit of distance over which to exert your force. Think of it – social advantage like mechanical advantage. A little distance over which to accomplish a lot of work.

If you opened up my Activity Monitor (or Task Manager), there would be a process dedicated to worrying about how fat I seem and another dedicated to keeping me from acting ‘typical’. The first, basically every American girl ever has – you automatically try not to breathe too much, adjust your clothes to drape right, don’t sit certain ways. It’s seriously automatic by the time you’re in high school. The second, I find myself not talking about certain things that make me feel too young or teenybopper. Who cares about my breakups? Who cares about my ‘quarterlife crisis’? I’m afraid it will be weak and annoying, much like listening to a college freshman who has just finished their first philosophy course.

But why so hateful of discovery and learning? Honestly, to every age and stage of life, there are certain things that are natural and each of those stages has its own beauty. Stop pissing on the beauty, Joy-Z. Just fail a little more and gush a little more.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I laugh because I’m a nerd.

Maybe I’ll be able to say I laugh ’cause I’m an econokid one day. Hope??

Till then, I confess I thought ‘that’s what she said!’ after the first couplet.

Two days till the The Office return! Hope it doesn’t suck.

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Where: Parking garage elevator, down from Level 5

Name: Silvia

Best Guess Age/Gender/Race: late 40’s/F/Guatemalan (Latina? Hispanic?)

Opening: Me, asking where she worked

Summary: She’s been in Baltimore for three years, before that she was in Guatemala. She’s been doing her kind of work (women’s health programs?) for about eighteen years. We agree that Maryland is a bit cold. She is tiny, slight, and adorable. Her workplace has two refrigerators and it’s always a struggle to find space in them.

Pick up/let down: Pick up

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*someone’s ball of amazingness
*the kinder side of dr. yang on grey’s anatomy
*the cuteness of a stuffed elephant’s butt
*a scribbly version of alison moy
*little dumpling
*most employed person someone knows
*fancy talker
*not scary
*black hole
*productive, not reproductive
*(ms.)grey goose
*not a white dude for once
*the ultimate fronter
*good people
*flashy flashy
*someone who will never really work for the man

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