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I can’t read this too much because I find myself getting obsessive and compulsive about the things other people throw up on that site. And Lord knows we don’t need obsessive people all pooling our weirdness, then walking off into the world with new, communal weirdness. Everyone will now have to fight the impulse to drive on both sides of the road or rearranging silverware into right angles.

This one is me.


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Where: His store, near the water

Name: Manuel

Best Guess Age/Gender/Race: late 30’s/M/um from Peru

Opening: Him, telling us about his store

Summary: The four of us talked about travel and Peru and how our work contributes to society as a whole. And now we know about the village where most of the crafts come from. And that Manuel flies back basically every month. Can you imagine? I am clearly not made for frequent travel.

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Yes, we were all nerdy. Okay. Nerdy kids are genuine, now we can just throw it around and signal ‘kindred! here! me! you! talkings talkings!’. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I was nerdy. I don’t know about genuine – I find that I still work hard at attempts to be genuine. I was plastic-framed glasses, Star Trek:TNG novelizations, being socialized just enough so the other kids would talk to me to make fun nerdy. So nerdy that that mutual silence crops up between me and folks who knew me back then and maintains itself while we reminisce very selectively, avoiding any details about former-me. And I am thankful for it.

To escape the reality of life as former-me, I read massive amounts of books which just set the stage for thicker plastic-framed glasses. It was novel after novel, story after story of lives that were at least not mine – that’s all it took. And the spinning racks and the Cynthia Voigt shelf got me through that time and the first stretch of middle school. Surfing through adolescence on narrative.

I am likely single-reader-ly responsible for the water bottle ban in the fourth/fifth grade time frame. I was a bath reader. No longer, but back then, I had to have a book in hand every possible moment to get through the day. I even recorded my own books-on-tape and put the player under my pillow so I could fall asleep. I remember the gathering in the library and the announcement and the librarians laying out their suspicions. The conclusion had been reached that out water bottles were leaking onto the books in our backpacks. So no more water for us! Hydration hadn’t gotten big yet.

I’m pretty sure it was that I read and read and I read including in the bath. Splashy splashy.

I was freaked out they were going to say it was bath-reading, that it was me. How hard would it be, once you noticed the trend, to see where all those books had been? Not very, I’d think. But it seems the librarians didn’t think to do that. Or care to. Then, I was kind of shocked at how poorly they were dealing with this situation. And then I decided, I didn’t have a terrible desire to figure out how much respect I had for them before/after and would simply be glad it didn’t come back to me.

Dear Elementary School Class of [mumbleyearhere], I am sorry. I hope you are hydrating now.

*I am going to repurchase my whole YA book collection one day, starting with Maniac Magee. Also, I recommend checking out this thread of posts.

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I set myself up the bomb Model Behavior to watch on the Disney Channel or ABC Family or whichever. Why did I watch this? The reasons:

1) Justin Timberlake in his pop phase. Bizarre and wonderful, like seeing awkward middle school photos of your now-suave friends. Or even college photos of your seemingly staid co-workers. It’s the contrast, stupid!

2) It is also the nostalgia. Fluffy late nineties movies hoorah.

3) Maggie Lawson – I went on a Psych kick a while back, but even without that, she looks so much like Alicia Silverstone and who doesn’t find look-a-likes interesting? (Not this guy. Is this/does it require a double-negative? Is “double negative” okay hyphenated?)

Hell, at work, two meetings have severely sidetracked into discussions of twins. One managing director talking about this set of old man twins who would jog by the old office every day and how he would go to the window every day at the same time and see them jogging lockstep. The other managing director all going on about the associate at a law firm we work with who has a twin also at the same firm.


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The Internetiverse. And my excessive cruising of such. Brought me to this.

Two prongs \ / !!

\ I still love Outkast’s “Hey, Ya!”, as well. I routinely open IM conversations with random shoutings (my friends love me, you know) and yesterday was “Heeeyaaaaa, heyyyyaaaa” day. But I then realized, BrotherPost was from 2005. It is now 2008. But hey – I’m not gonna try to fight the feeling because the thought alone is killing me right now.

/ I am slightly obsessive and paranoid about things going wrong and being stuck alone with no help. This means that every time I leave a building, I try to go through my checklist – wallet, phone, keys. Sometimes I will say “phone, wallet, keys”. That is what you need to call help to you, make the help help you, and then get to the stuff that you already have at your disposal. Bam bam bam!

Tomorrow’s commute should include “repeat one” of “Hey Ya!”. Even if I can’t find it, I’m gonna sing the dratted thing. Shake it like a Polaroid* picture!

(*In the manner of something being discontinued and outdated?)

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1) cute overload
2) Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” video, which I haven’t watched in years
3) Nom Nom Nominee <– the heartbite

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Is there a way to limit displayed posts by more than one tag/category? That is, if I’m reading a blog and want to read all its posts tagged with both ‘housing’ and ‘books’, can I do that? Limit my search, please.

Maybe I will dig around and see if it’s mentioned somewhere. Maybe I will simply have to resort to the workarounds all internet-using people can come up with. But still, it’d be nice and it seems rather simple.

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