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After watching The Dark Knight, I found that I like Aaron Eckhart. My normal type is not blond and not buttchin-faced. It also helped that I did not know about Harvey Dent and Two-Face. (I forget to check if Two-Face also had a buttchin – may have been hard to tell anyway.) If a movie’s good, sometimes it’s great not to have read the book [or comicbooks in this case]. Powerful stuff, web. KAPOWerful.

So, after this, I went and Netflixed a load of Aaron Eckhart movies that I wasn’t expecting to be good. I popped in No Reservations hoping I could fall asleep to cutesy fluff, but instead I ended up crying a lot. Reading the synopsis probably would’ve helped. I read it about 1/4 through the movie, but didn’t think it would be that sad. The crying:laughing+swooning ratio was about 3:1. Granted, I’m particularly sensitive to [mild spoiler?] dying mother stories and tears, but it’s still a pretty high ratio.

Was it romantic? Eh. Was it a comedy? Technically. You get the happy(iest possible) ending.

But mmm, Italian food, silly chef pants, enthusiastic bad singing, and Aaron Eckhart and his flappy hair and buttchinned face.


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I read “it’s just sitting here, intimidating me with its length” on classy econblog Marginal Revolution and immediately thought:

“That’s what s/he said!!”

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I thought this post was obviously saying that white people like facebook. Right. Facebook and the class divide. Mmm facebook mmm elite.

Then I realized it was only saying, hey, we’ve got a fb app.

Nothing under the surface there. =cP Ah well. It was an understandable misunderstanding, ja?

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That is, born so as to enjoy such things as internet but not in high school classrooms. Born late enough for indoor plumbing and wireless in college and honestly the whole point of this post, to miss the embarrassing effects of that internet thing.

I orchestrated embarrassing displays with my best friend where we put on musicals whose sole message was “let us play longer”. It’s fun. It’s sweet. It’s cringe-worthy, but parents put up with it. Then you never talk about it again.

But THIS? I mean, why not be proud and enthusiastic (and frankly kind of endearing), but later on in life, won’t it hurt? It might be better than being mommy-blogged into embarrassment, though. At least you can own your own work instead of having to sit and let the scripts of your parentalbloggers be visited upon you.

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Long weekend and I’m actually due for fun. Young person-style! Woohoo!

I held a baby last week, pet a giant fuzzy English sheepdog-seeming dog, and am headed down to DC for fun with the friends (mini reunion!) and then on to Cville for more friends and car maintenance.

Wish me luck and fun!

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