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Why, yes, I did. It was lovely. I love my Kelly and her roommates are awesome and her giant lovely homey apartment (which cost as much as me and my roommates middling-sized oldish apartment). 

I left Balto after Hanna stormed through and flew out of Texas before Ike swept up.

I ate so much and was so content. Slept very little but who cares?

Also, got to speak some Spanish. Was good.

Got a little thrill every time I see a Texas license plate, so being home literally averaged a thrill a minute.


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The moiré effect off McCain’s tie is bugging me.

It’s completely aching my eyes, like the weird liney mess my computer screen at work developed the last few weeks. 

Oh, right, so I’m done with work. More on that later. For now, McCain’s tie is bugging me. There are more substantive things to talk about, but this is my observation for this blog here.

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New Link/Data Funnity

Experimenting. Really not sure what to put up there yet as I only get so many panels and it is very public. But YAY!

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I’m pulling a Courtney* and having a ‘movies I will not watch until I am married’ list. We found out she had never watched Star Wars before and after hearing a load of shock and admonishment and demands she watch it right then, she replied, “I’m saving that for marriage.”

So, my list is the Die Hard movies.

*dear friend from college

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I can’t believe bits of my life are becoming antiquated. I was using a new browser for kicks and was having trouble finding the ‘Save’ icon. Which I had to think about. And realized I was looking for a floppy disk.

I have not seen a 3.5″ floppy since … very early elementary school. And it’s been a longer time since I’ve seen actually floppy floppy disks.

I have no idea what would be intuitive as ‘Save’, though. I sort of want the disk to never go away. Add it as another fun little artifact out there in the world.

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Why I Don’t

• The cost of a plan is still more than I spend paying by message.

• Regular voice calls lose a lot from not being face-to-face. Text-based communication loses more. Texting with your phone on that tiny screen loses even more. (Eh, least someone’s with me. #3.)

• People are giant flaming laming lamers. LAMERs. We are avoidant and cowardly and totally passo-aggro when permitted. So,

        1) I am not going to make it easier for other people to text me when they should be calling me.

        2) I am afraid I will become one of them if I permit it.

[• Edit: I am overly verbose for texting. I end up spending way too much time on it and rarely conform my diction to the format – change my word choice and how would anyone know the text really came from me??]

Why I Want To

• I am a lame people. I want to feed my own avoidance.

• The few times it is appropriate (more immediate than email, less intrusive than an actual call, if you can’t talk), I’d like to be texting. I will pretend there are enough of these instances in a month.

What I’m Gonna Do About It

• Try out the baby minimum plan for a month. And become a lazy-ass passive-aggro convert who doesn’t give people the people-worthy attention they deserve.

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I love babies.

I saw someone on facebook have their status set as “never wants kids!”.

Iin my indignation, I nearly clicked on “Report this person” as soon as it scrolled into view.

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