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For this Flight of the Conchords gem to be funny and not only painful as Fergie’s … humps have inured us to the ‘what the fuckness’ of lyrics like this.


  1. I miss wearing/being able to wear overalls. Er, ‘dungarees’. I do not know that Jemaine does so, but the subseuent HAMMERPANTS keep you from ever making it to a decision.
  2. Love the call back to the Prince of Party’s ruffly velvety purple shirt.
  3. Backup dancer from the Boom King! Backup dancing again.
  4. Why is this taking place in a Chinese restaurant? Is this the place that feeds Dave because he puts out? Eurgh. =p
  5. I look forward to watching this episode/season for some context and laughs. And knowing in my heart, without having checked, that ‘sugar lumps’ is now in the urbandictionary (dot com).
  6. I rather like that those two FotC extras are now on Scrubs. Yay! (“Jo” and Ed, formerly um… also guyish girl and racist fruit vendor. You know.)
  7. I’m aware that they are spoofing Fergi’s lumps, in essence anyway.
  8. I am also now aware that previous number item sounds way grosser than it is. Sorry.

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I skipped Twitter, but decided why not try Plinky? I don’t quite know what its appeal is, but I’m letting my mind pick its own bizarre structures.

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I went to the Virginia DMV last week. I know to expect a long wait. No big deal, regular annoyance. But I heard the woman inputting my application data say a day and a month that were one digit off from my birthday.

I called her out on it. She looked at me like I’m somehow hearing things, says “No, I didn’t say that.”

“Well, see, if you were entering my birthday, then you’d be one-off. I want to make sure it’s right because I’ve had mistakes happen before.” I tell her this and I tell her my correct birthday.

She repeats that she didn’t say that.

Well, even if Ms. Herndon didn’t SAY it (which she did), she certainly typed it. There it was printed out on my voter registration and everything else. I tell someone. They say they will fix it. It takes some ten minutes. Fine.

Then they stick my file in at the end of the line. WHYYYY? How does it make sense to screw me over more because … you have already screwed me over? How much brainpower does it take to have that register and not simply auto-file?

I get a license, finally. I acknowledge the camera operator’s joke about me being ready to get out of there. I deny it any success at injecting any amount of levity into the situation. I fill out the corrected voter registration form. I flip to the second page and it is still WRONG. I show the camera operator. She says she will take care of it and I can just submit the correct one. I do so.

Today, in the mail, I find a voter registration application. As if I hadn’t submitted one. And, yes, it has the wrong birthdate.


I don’t have any complaints about the employee manner or anything. Just some notes on competence.

1) Herndon did not check the facts and dismissed me out of hand. This same thing happened at the DPS in Texas only the gentleman looked, confirmed the error, and fixed it there. Point, DPS.

2) They compounded the issue by creating extra inconvenience when it was well-within their power not to. A forty-minute wait turned into a two-hour ordeal.

3) They claimed to have fixed a problem that they clearly have not fixed.

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Have I mentioned that the SBOE of Texas has been scaring me? Chichi mongreenus!

But things are maybe gonna be alright. The update is that the science has made it past the first vote.

Admittedly, my God-feelings are squiffy at the extended moment, but science education is science education. Onward!

From May 5, 2008 in a non-WordPress journal of mine:

This concerns none of you directly, but that holds for me, too. I needed to vent. 

From the Austin-American Statesman, though I’m sure you could find it elsewhere. 

In sum, the new head of the State Board of Education has decided to scrap the English standards that were put together painstakingly by committee over the course of a few years with something drafted overnight by a few members of the board. 

McLeroy sped through the changes and wouldn’t let the members of the board who wanted to slow down and read the thing do so. 

I am not sure when the science curriculum goes up for review.

I’m just going to write to Berlanga or any of the others who opposed this craplaunch for moral support. Since I don’t vote there. I think it is also important to note that this isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing. It’s more a ”why discount experts”, ”why stamp out discussion”, and ”why stick Texan children with further institutionalized disadvantages”? 

So, disclosure, I believe in a creative God. But I definitely am against taking evolution out of the science curriculum. And I am against giving more people more reasons to act like jackasses when they hear we went to public school in Texas, God forbid. 

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Whenever I see letter letter letter number letter (letter), I pretty much assume it is or was someone’s assigned UVA email handle.

The gloriously (passive-)aggressive and really quite necessary letmegooglethatforyou.com – I actually went to find out who was doing this and making the monies off it and saw rmm5t down at the bottom. Asking questions is good, for sure, but asking and expecting an answer that you could look up yourself? That the person you’re asking has no way of knowing better than you … other than to go look it up? I mean, you see how letmegooglethatforyou.com is a blessing.

Note – this does not mean I will not still internet-stalk folks upon request. It’s more research than stalking. No tracking or anything. Besides, these days, it’s really just called “using the internet.”

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Half-way though reading this entry on lovely Language Log about how Obama is not the 44th American to take the oath even though he is called the 44th president, I quiet-yelled, “CLEVELAND!” and shook my fists at the screen.

Living alone has it benefits. Now, when my crazy is shared, it is shared knowingly and willingly, through the internet.

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We watched it at work on the projector in the break room. Some folks not keen on it and went out for lunch to avoid having to hear it. I don’t personally understand that. Maybe it’s something like how I hated the Miami Heat in 2006 and still try to avoid them and Dwayne Wade.

Only this is ‘historic’ and national/world politics, not NBA basketball. Unsure what that means for conclusions I should be drawing.

I liked the red hat dude, the kids, and oh my word the musicians. Yo-Yo Ma, I still remember seeing you on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. You are still so happy to be playing your music. I don’t know why the pianist didn’t get her Chyron bit when the violinist, cellist, and clarinetist did. Maybe just CNN? Maybe only our feed? Doubt it was sexism. =)

Suffice to say, I’m content enough and warm enough, and that today has brought both examples for how to act and how not to act.

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