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“I’m not your apple.”

I don’t think I have to wait for any more shows to make this decision.

I do feel like I need to ‘break up’ with Heroes because guuuuh what is this nuts script-writing that’s going on? I’m not a particularly discerning consumer of television and film. I don’t notice most plot holes or ever “call” what’s going to happen later on.

But I do have a whacked-out-behavior-(ra)dar. I’m in this for the characters and the story and no one seems to be acting ‘right’. Who are these people? They don’t seem like the people we met previous seasons.

I’m sorry, Heroes. I will probably keep hanging on for a bit, but let’s be honest about things. We’re neither apple nor tree nor pie for each other anymore. Tragic.


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When I was growing up, we had a child leash of sorts. It was playskool brand, i think, and was really two white velcro wristcuffs with thin, colorful stripes going in the ‘hotdog’ (not ‘hamburger!’) direction, connected by plastic, spirally, phone-cordy red cord.

I loved that thing or the idea of it. I don’t know how we came to own it. My parents never once suggested we use it or ever put it on me.

I would velcro us together and they would put up with it – sometimes. More often than not, they’d sigh, unvelcro their wrist, and carry on whatever store transaction needed to be taking place. I am relieved now that my parents had enough shame/dignity to not have allowed that velcro leashing en serio.

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It did not start out a special day, but sometimes a day makes itself special in many small ways and you just have to round up.

The weather was lovely.

I ran into this kid I basically run into once every year, somehow – except for the first year when we had computer science together.

The Whole Foods folks were offering a happy lunch special that involved chicken and donating and frugality. Unfortunately, I’ve given up meat for Lent(ish). But – but! – despite the greatness of the temptation, the guy offering the chicken sandwiches did not appear to me as Satan-y. And I did not take it.

The Whole Foods guy actually seeing me yesterday. I do not remember him, but I will in future.

Today is Chuck Norris’ birthday.



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I barely remember this movie and am not sure I even like it. But I know I love the words.

Cop 223: We're all unlucky in love sometimes. When I am, I go jogging. The body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears.

Cop663: You like noisy music?
Faye: Yes, the louder the better. It keeps me from thinking.
Cop663: You don't like to think? What do you like?
Faye: Never thought about it.

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Alternatively, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Also, for some, the mind, too.”

K: oh, and [my roommate] got a shiba inu puppy


K: dude.  lol.  i was hoping you wouldn’t react that way.

J: hahahha

J: sorry

K: but it was so funny bc i hadn’t ever told him you wanted a shiba


K: and i asked him what kind that was… and when he told me i was like, ‘why does that sound so familiar?!’

K: inner conflict:  do i tell joyce?!

K: if i do, she’ll be excited but hate me.  if i don’t she’ll be mad i didn’t tell her!



She says it makes the weirdest little noises. I know! That’s another reason I wanted one – b/c I make the weirdest little noises. I wanted the dog-version of me, so we’d get along. *le sigh*


But hooray for puppy pictures in future!

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Let's go literal. If there's some terrible accident or murder (knock on wood) and there's some story on t.v. about how they can't identify the body, you guys – if that body has these scars, please step up. It will be a bittersweet internet wonder-story.

Top 5, no particular order:

1) Bridge of my nose – chickenpox. Scabbed but fell off.

2) Left wrist – fight with my friend in after school daycare in the lower elementary years; we were scratchers.

3) Right wrist – cut myself on chicken wire in 6th grade.

4) Left knee – tripped and fell as a child running on cobblestone and got a piece of flesh dug out by a stone I landed on.

5) Stomach,("stage") left and above the belly button – fog machine nozzle burn.

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