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I’ve been reading the reddit thread on “What’s a moment in which you felt absolutely content, like everything was perfect for just that one second?” It’s a much better read than most of reddit (for me, anyway; emotional healthwise, anyway).

I don’t have a very good recollection of an absolutely content moment, but a recent very good, heart-swelling moment was this past Fourth of July. And I think what we’re really after is the heart-swell, no?

On the tail end of a week visiting with old friends in warm, open old home state, me and current closest friend and travelbuddy get on a flight. No delays, and fireworks from our plane window. Silent fireworks going off as we flew back east. So good. Being able to see the commonality and the connectedness of celebrations that aren’t entirely aware of each other. So good. So so good.

Today, a good laugh about the tiny Christmas-town he had to put together for his aunt. She was so invested in it being set up, though she did not participate in the process at all, seeing as she was tending to Thanksgiving dinner prep instead. Two north poles and little street lamps that had to be held up by tiny snow drifts.

Work tomorrow, but I am going to focus on how I want to be a person who works to live, because it’s interesting. I don’t work because it is a surrogate love or a surrogate life. Only get one, can’t f*ck it up. At least not that way.

Safe Transitioning Out of Thanksgiving mode, friends!


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I skipped Twitter, but decided why not try Plinky? I don’t quite know what its appeal is, but I’m letting my mind pick its own bizarre structures.

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I am not sure if My Mom is a Fob is as funny to non-FOB-parented’ folks, but I LAUGH so freaking hard and my friends and I pretty much identify with all of them. So CUTE.

Had dinner with high school friend, his workforce substitute, and workforce substitute’s friend who is a second-year now. (Cute.)

Things to get done, do tomorrow. For now, gotta pee b/c My Mom is a Fob has made me laugh so much.

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