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“I think that, especially in America, people try to put you in one but the honest reality is that everybody is a lot.”

Dawen Wang

I may have misheard this. Maybe it’s the “oddest” reality. The “one” is identities. 

But I could have misunderstood that as well.

Not gonna give you SARS.

Because today Plinky asked me about first internet use and it hit me that I had forgotten all about Asian Avenue.


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Alan’s Cumming Home!

I did not know that Alan Cumming became an American citizen late last year! Post-election, natch.

Oh, I find him so wonderful. He’s pretty much the reason I own X2 and only X2 out of the X-Men movies.

But on his site, there is a “Who Alan’s Done” section. I thought it would be maybe a list of characters, a rehashing of “What Alan’s Done” that  laughs at you a little, but nope – it’s not a bit of cheek, it’s a face-on “SUCK IT!” that simply states, very Clueless-ly, “AS IF!”

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