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We watched it at work on the projector in the break room. Some folks not keen on it and went out for lunch to avoid having to hear it. I don’t personally understand that. Maybe it’s something like how I hated the Miami Heat in 2006 and still try to avoid them and Dwayne Wade.

Only this is ‘historic’ and national/world politics, not NBA basketball. Unsure what that means for conclusions I should be drawing.

I liked the red hat dude, the kids, and oh my word the musicians. Yo-Yo Ma, I still remember seeing you on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. You are still so happy to be playing your music. I don’t know why the pianist didn’t get her Chyron bit when the violinist, cellist, and clarinetist did. Maybe just CNN? Maybe only our feed? Doubt it was sexism. =)

Suffice to say, I’m content enough and warm enough, and that today has brought both examples for how to act and how not to act.


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