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Austin boy, whose C’ville show I am sorry to have missed. Song linked below.
I’m temp unable to sit at a computer for very long, but I’ve got a non-quoting post for you in soon enough.
Well, things change fast
this too shall pass
Better carve it on your forehead
Or tattoo it on your ass
Cause who can tell
When the clock strikes twelve
If today’s become tomorrow
Or if it’s all just gone to hell

My friend makes rings
She swirls and sings
She’s a mystic in the sense
That she’s still mystified by things
But scared to ask
How can nothing seem to last
Cause like a cancer in your body
It all just goes too fast

We think too big
We think our self is one whole thing
And we claim that this collection
Has a name and is a being
But deep inside
When every cell divides
It sets upon the rule that states
Self-interest is divine, and

Cancer, too
Lives by this golden rule
That you must do unto the others
As the others unto you
All for the best
Cause that’s all the life accepts
And so we kill it like a buffalo
With awe and with respect

Don’t ask God
Just holler at the the sky, cuz
She’ll tell it to you plainly
In the clouds that whisper by
And praise the shapes
And then praise the way they change
And they’ll teach you not to pray to light
Without you pray to rain

So I pray to hands
And I pray to needs
And I pray to blades of grass
To find forgiveness in the weeds
But as for health
I just never did believe
And so I never prayed myself
Except to those that prayed for me

The story goes
Or the way that I was told
There was a king that always felt too high
And then he fell too low
And so he called
All the wise men to the hall
And he begged them for a gift
To end the rises and the falls

And here’s the thing
They came back with a ring
It was simple and was plainly
Unbefitting of a king
Engraved in black, well
It had no front or back
But there were words around the band that said
Just know: This Too Shall Pass


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On myself. Sort of.

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Oh my God. This is the scariest photo. This is what made me scream out loud, home, alone. The baby farts bit is a valid point. Babies consume a lot of dairy.

It’s like you took your child and turned it into a Teletubbic, cancerous growth to attach to your own body. Why??

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I am not sure if My Mom is a Fob is as funny to non-FOB-parented’ folks, but I LAUGH so freaking hard and my friends and I pretty much identify with all of them. So CUTE.

Had dinner with high school friend, his workforce substitute, and workforce substitute’s friend who is a second-year now. (Cute.)

Things to get done, do tomorrow. For now, gotta pee b/c My Mom is a Fob has made me laugh so much.

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Link Changes

Well, I took out Brazen Careerist as I haven’t been getting much from it other than how to write insane “CLICK ME” post titles, something I clearly have not applied to this post. It’s a Thing, to be sure, but not one I am much into.

I added in The Rosa Parks of Blogs. I really wonder how “the Ms. Pacman of language columnists” finds these. Are they submitted? Does he scour? Note when he finds one? What sort of software would trawl the web for “the X of Y“? I’d be super interested to know the answer to that last one. So unlike search as I know it.

People Who Deserve It¬†seems the cultural progeny of Stuff White People Like, but we’ll see. I often express my unhappiness in this way (verbally), but it seems so sad and terrible next to ‘socially responsible.’ I realize I am not being ironic enough, but this is not something I am good at.

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Quotation slash New Link

“So I went to Value Village, a thrift store in Maryland where white people shop ironically and Latino people shop in earnest.”

Kind of slayed me, in the earnest way, not the funny way. (From this post.)

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I suppose more accurately, the cell phone service providers are the ones pissing me off.

I am also slightly insulted by this line from this NYT article:

UNTIL Mr. Kohl began his inquiries, the public had no reason to think of the text-messaging business as anything but an ordinary one, whose operational costs rose in tandem with message volume.

I understand that a lot of this is information probably required some digging, but seriously? We had no reason? What? – we thought that the entire rest of the world started out texting not because it was cheaper to provide, but because they are just not as into using phones for, um, sound? and voice? and regular-ass but harder to provide old-timey phone calls?

Whatever. I know I’m getting ripped off about twenty times a day in ways I cannot really fight. Doesn’t meant I don’t occasionally notice that it’s happening.

Un update: See, Wired commenters know what’s up. NYT, c’mon.

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