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For this Flight of the Conchords gem to be funny and not only painful as Fergie’s … humps have inured us to the ‘what the fuckness’ of lyrics like this.


  1. I miss wearing/being able to wear overalls. Er, ‘dungarees’. I do not know that Jemaine does so, but the subseuent HAMMERPANTS keep you from ever making it to a decision.
  2. Love the call back to the Prince of Party’s ruffly velvety¬†purple¬†shirt.
  3. Backup dancer from the Boom King! Backup dancing again.
  4. Why is this taking place in a Chinese restaurant? Is this the place that feeds Dave because he puts out? Eurgh. =p
  5. I look forward to watching this episode/season for some context and laughs. And knowing in my heart, without having checked, that ‘sugar lumps’ is now in the urbandictionary (dot com).
  6. I rather like that those two FotC extras are now on Scrubs. Yay! (“Jo” and Ed, formerly um… also guyish girl and racist fruit vendor. You know.)
  7. I’m aware that they are spoofing Fergi’s lumps, in essence anyway.
  8. I am also now aware that previous number item sounds way grosser than it is. Sorry.

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