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I mention in passing to a friend the childhood ritual of being taken to Luby’s as a treat maybe once a week. I always got the same thing and darned if I don’t love my habits.

This friend looks at me blankly. Has no idea what a Luby’s is.

Oh. I know why you don’t. Below is a screenshot of the locations page.



I even get a little thrill when I see Luly’s on King of the Hill. (Yes, food is that big a deal to me.)

The last time I had to strike a “too” Texan cultural reference from my repertoire, it was homecoming mums.


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Have I mentioned that the SBOE of Texas has been scaring me? Chichi mongreenus!

But things are maybe gonna be alright. The update is that the science has made it past the first vote.

Admittedly, my God-feelings are squiffy at the extended moment, but science education is science education. Onward!

From May 5, 2008 in a non-WordPress journal of mine:

This concerns none of you directly, but that holds for me, too. I needed to vent. 

From the Austin-American Statesman, though I’m sure you could find it elsewhere. 

In sum, the new head of the State Board of Education has decided to scrap the English standards that were put together painstakingly by committee over the course of a few years with something drafted overnight by a few members of the board. 

McLeroy sped through the changes and wouldn’t let the members of the board who wanted to slow down and read the thing do so. 

I am not sure when the science curriculum goes up for review.

I’m just going to write to Berlanga or any of the others who opposed this craplaunch for moral support. Since I don’t vote there. I think it is also important to note that this isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing. It’s more a ”why discount experts”, ”why stamp out discussion”, and ”why stick Texan children with further institutionalized disadvantages”? 

So, disclosure, I believe in a creative God. But I definitely am against taking evolution out of the science curriculum. And I am against giving more people more reasons to act like jackasses when they hear we went to public school in Texas, God forbid. 

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The man at the used bookstore downtown, upon seeing my custom Texas credit card, decided to ask if I was from Texas and then insult Texas.

He says, too, “I would not be sorry if Mexico took it back.”

I had no response that could force its way out of my mouth before the gentler and more honest than would normally be expected from such as myself – “I think my heart would break if that happened.”, my only post-utterance reservation being that perhaps I should not mind so much as I am fond of Mexico and it has always been easy to cross the border when you have the U.S. passport.

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I know I said I’d write about the Obama rally, but I don’t know that there’s much to say. It was long and painful – not as bad as it could have been. His speech was good, the dancing was fun, the babies – CUTE. It was the sort of thing that gets better in your memory as the bad fades and the retelling makes you count the blessings in it. (Someone crashing their car right out of the gate so that we were all blocked in for an hour before we could leave at one-thirty in the a.m.- not a blessing.)

But watching the election results come in – done in a drafthouse/theater in northern Virginia with a friend and her friends.

1) I had had no idea how Democratic D.C. was.

2) It is slightly more exciting to think your vote helped swing a swing state. VA!

3) How close Texas ended up being was a not insignificantly heartening surprise. As my friend back home put it – “It was actually too close to call for a while! … and then the rest of the state voted.” Um, p.s. We’re aware, it’s all real Texas. =)

4) Despite the fact that I might not fit in any better now than I did then, that a number of my (facebook) friends clearly have differing priorities than I do,* and that I am made to feel alternately traitorous or baffled or some kind of idiot when I talk to folks – I’m glad I’m from Texas.

I’m glad mostly because it gives me pause when talking to someone and in that pause I am usually blessed enough to remind myself of the other’s personhood and speak accordingly. I am usually reminded during such pauses that despite how I’m being spoken to, I am rightfully a person and needn’t lower my expectations for myself just because someone else has.

I will fucking say “nuke-u-lar” if I want. I will vote out of something other than my own self-interest if I want. I will vote with it if I want. I am not an idiot for making my choices and neither are you. Let’s leave it – Obama is president-elect.

*That’s what “show less about [name here]” on the newsfeed is for…

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Why, yes, I did. It was lovely. I love my Kelly and her roommates are awesome and her giant lovely homey apartment (which cost as much as me and my roommates middling-sized oldish apartment). 

I left Balto after Hanna stormed through and flew out of Texas before Ike swept up.

I ate so much and was so content. Slept very little but who cares?

Also, got to speak some Spanish. Was good.

Got a little thrill every time I see a Texas license plate, so being home literally averaged a thrill a minute.

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