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Were you aware there was this “green-yellow-red” labeling + fattybadfood surcharging happening at the University?

Snack Smart Healthy Vending labels:

  • Green
    • Less than 5% saturated fat (% total calories)
    • 0-35% total fat (% total calories)
    • 0-140 calories
  • Yellow
    • 5-10% saturated fat (% total calories)
    • 36-40% total fat (% total calories)
    • 141-200 calories
  • Red
    • more than 10% saturated fat (% total calories)
    • more than 40% total fat (% total calories)
    • 201 or more calories

What I’m a bit baffled at is how “diet beverages” are labeled green. More information on what a diet beverage is and whether or not it is a good idea to lump it with water and fruit juice. Then again, I have problems with lumping water together with anything.

I love water. (No ice.)

I would also probably resent being ‘taxed’ for my food choice, but would compromise on a yellow or green snack anyway. If I got a red, I’d probably make a joke about helping the children by (1) donating a nickel and (2) recognizing that they are the future and getting my fat self out of their way through my self-destructive habits.

Or I’d forgo the machine altogether and buy a big box of Goldfish and eat an entire baby’s worth of sodium in one sitting.



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    Whenever I see letter letter letter number letter (letter), I pretty much assume it is or was someone’s assigned UVA email handle.

    The gloriously (passive-)aggressive and really quite necessary letmegooglethatforyou.com – I actually went to find out who was doing this and making the monies off it and saw rmm5t down at the bottom. Asking questions is good, for sure, but asking and expecting an answer that you could look up yourself? That the person you’re asking has no way of knowing better than you … other than to go look it up? I mean, you see how letmegooglethatforyou.com is a blessing.

    Note – this does not mean I will not still internet-stalk folks upon request. It’s more research than stalking. No tracking or anything. Besides, these days, it’s really just called “using the internet.”

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    Colin Drane, also a UVA alum who moved to Baltimore, created a google maps/crime report overlay doohickey for Charlottesville. Honestly, Charlottesville’s so small, it’s only technically a city, so it would take someone who’d been here to care. In sum, HURRAH.

    It’s also strange how landlords will tell me to drive by places to see if I’m okay with the neighborhood before they show me places. It makes perfect sense, but it does make it awkward in my mind – like, is the neighborhood actually bad? Are you trying to gently alert me to the fact that it’s not whitepeopleville? Are you asking if I’m a racist? I don’t know. Obviously I don’t know.

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