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Marking the Spot

On the drive home from work, the sky was all light blue-orange and clouds were white orange-pink, making a big X. As the road curved, the X dipped below the trees.

Good job on the sky right then, Virginia. Points to you.


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I went to the Virginia DMV last week. I know to expect a long wait. No big deal, regular annoyance. But I heard the woman inputting my application data say a day and a month that were one digit off from my birthday.

I called her out on it. She looked at me like I’m somehow hearing things, says “No, I didn’t say that.”

“Well, see, if you were entering my birthday, then you’d be one-off. I want to make sure it’s right because I’ve had mistakes happen before.” I tell her this and I tell her my correct birthday.

She repeats that she didn’t say that.

Well, even if Ms. Herndon didn’t SAY it (which she did), she certainly typed it. There it was printed out on my voter registration and everything else. I tell someone. They say they will fix it. It takes some ten minutes. Fine.

Then they stick my file in at the end of the line. WHYYYY? How does it make sense to screw me over more because … you have already screwed me over? How much brainpower does it take to have that register and not simply auto-file?

I get a license, finally. I acknowledge the camera operator’s joke about me being ready to get out of there. I deny it any success at injecting any amount of levity into the situation. I fill out the corrected voter registration form. I flip to the second page and it is still WRONG. I show the camera operator. She says she will take care of it and I can just submit the correct one. I do so.

Today, in the mail, I find a voter registration application. As if I hadn’t submitted one. And, yes, it has the wrong birthdate.


I don’t have any complaints about the employee manner or anything. Just some notes on competence.

1) Herndon did not check the facts and dismissed me out of hand. This same thing happened at the DPS in Texas only the gentleman looked, confirmed the error, and fixed it there. Point, DPS.

2) They compounded the issue by creating extra inconvenience when it was well-within their power not to. A forty-minute wait turned into a two-hour ordeal.

3) They claimed to have fixed a problem that they clearly have not fixed.

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I know I said I’d write about the Obama rally, but I don’t know that there’s much to say. It was long and painful – not as bad as it could have been. His speech was good, the dancing was fun, the babies – CUTE. It was the sort of thing that gets better in your memory as the bad fades and the retelling makes you count the blessings in it. (Someone crashing their car right out of the gate so that we were all blocked in for an hour before we could leave at one-thirty in the a.m.- not a blessing.)

But watching the election results come in – done in a drafthouse/theater in northern Virginia with a friend and her friends.

1) I had had no idea how Democratic D.C. was.

2) It is slightly more exciting to think your vote helped swing a swing state. VA!

3) How close Texas ended up being was a not insignificantly heartening surprise. As my friend back home put it – “It was actually too close to call for a while! … and then the rest of the state voted.” Um, p.s. We’re aware, it’s all real Texas. =)

4) Despite the fact that I might not fit in any better now than I did then, that a number of my (facebook) friends clearly have differing priorities than I do,* and that I am made to feel alternately traitorous or baffled or some kind of idiot when I talk to folks – I’m glad I’m from Texas.

I’m glad mostly because it gives me pause when talking to someone and in that pause I am usually blessed enough to remind myself of the other’s personhood and speak accordingly. I am usually reminded during such pauses that despite how I’m being spoken to, I am rightfully a person and needn’t lower my expectations for myself just because someone else has.

I will fucking say “nuke-u-lar” if I want. I will vote out of something other than my own self-interest if I want. I will vote with it if I want. I am not an idiot for making my choices and neither are you. Let’s leave it – Obama is president-elect.

*That’s what “show less about [name here]” on the newsfeed is for…

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