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Never have I ever seen rain quite like the rain outside my window right now. It is light and thick and fast. How, I am not sure. Late afternoon sun. It’s like mist got fast, serious, and obese. Obese for mist.

It’s so late afternoon bright, so sparked with rain, city skyline and crests covered in trees along the horizon.

It’s a nice moment to have in the midst of things, in the middle of this city, up here on this floor.

It’s almost as if my rent isn’t too high. =cD

It really is beautiful. I have not been happy like this about weather since I was last in Texas and it rained like cats and dogs, cows and steer and gay cowboys and staccato.

It’s almost as if my rent isn’t too high.


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My friend’s mother is awesome

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Mental Floss has a 5 Questions feature. I did trivia-buzzer things a an extracurricular in high school. I do not think it is hard for you to see the appeal for me. I cannot find the specific test anymore, but am fairly certain they have a quiz with a ‘guess which of these companies is at this domain name’.

So, Seven Deadly Sins!:
Avarice – no luck! Greed
Sloth – hoping for the animal, no such luck
Pride – ‘it’s not called a gay shame festival’
Lust – I honestly didn’t wait for this to load, I was so afraid.
Envy – Now that I think of it, I’m not brave enough to find out where these all lead.
Gluttony – So why don’t you tell me?

Nine Fruits of the Spirit!:
Love – who knew AOL still wielded so much power
Joy – mmkay, sort of a let down if you were looking for actual joy.
Peace – okay so this wasn’t any better than joy.com. I wonder how many companies are sitting on prime internet real estate that probably outvalues the rest of their assets. (Not implying anything about this company as I have no idea what they really do.)
Patience – won’t load, and I don’t think just because I didn’t have the patience to wait for it.
Kindness – awwww
Goodness – same deal as avarice – no luck
Faithfulness – surprisingly appropos
Gentleness – same deal as goodness – waiting for a buyer
Self-Control – with or without hyphen, for sale. Though one is, as expected, all about the weight-loss.

And, conclusion!

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So I met a new person yesterday and two more today and there is news out the wazoo – or at least filling up that wazoo. I’m not sure how much of that I can share, but today I am simply posting this frightening bit of internet/real life craziness:

deer butt alien head

It gets worse the further you scroll. Be warned.

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Bone Fatigued

Brain fatigued, really. My body was type, type, typing, but my mind wasn’t doing anything to direct it properly.

I spent half an hour trying to figure out why my Excel sheets weren’t pulling together properly. If you have a number K that equals A + B +C +D and D changes by +x amount, it is *not okay* for K to be larger than A + B + C + D + x. I clung to that fact until my mentor helped me muddle through thre troubleshoot.

When you’re this brain-tired, what do you tell yourself to get going on pushing ahead in those other parts of your life?

At work, everyone always says “It is what it is.” I am going to go with “It isn’t what it’s going to be.” Hopefully it will get me going.

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