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Birds are creepy with their eyes all beady and gross with their crapping on me and my car.

But tonight’s new reason for resenting them – they get down. Not like get down, get down, HUH!, but like down comforters-down.

Light and warm.

As a human, to keep warm, I get this body fat. The fat is not too great at warming, as far as I can tell. I can definitely tell that it is not light.

In sum, you stink, birds! Stink!


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I could not remember who the 2000 U.S. Presidential election involved. I remembered Bush, of course Dubya. But who was the Democratic candidate? How old was I? What classes was I in? I should remember this, think, think! I couldn’t get past Kerry – I knew it wasn’t B. Clinton. Who was he endorsing? Who was the person that I felt that strange fractured feeling for after the results were in?

Thank goodness, WIkipedia. I could have kept my shame secret, but eh – AL GORE! Not a forgettable guy, just having a brain fart.

*Silent but Deadly

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Or “The First Time I Tried Turning To Twitter (But Not Its Use)”

Friend and I stopped to help a person who flipped off her bike go to the hospital E.R.

Her phone only had one bar of battery left. I told her she could use mine. But she couldn’t because AT&T was/is having some bizarre crapfest outage. Why would they not at least tell us there might be issues? That they are working on the network and things might be spotty?

Just HOPING we don’t notice? Freakin’ lame.

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Another silly “song”. A friend says a thing, I make a series of rhymes.

Things I’d Rather Do Than Be Loved By You

Dear Law School. It started out cool.

I made tons of changes for you and your love.

Law School, I learned to talk just like a tool.

Took the pressure and hung with tons of gunners.

But Law School, now, I’ve been seeing someone

A therapist who wants to ruin our fun

He said, this relationship sounds abusive,

Even mentioning Jones Day didn’t make him effusive.

Law school… It’s all over now.

I’d rather shove my head in a cow

Than be loved by you

I’d rather have them pull my teeth

Sepukku, sword from my sheath

Than sit here some more and 

be “loved” by you.

Loose rhyme, loose rhyme – stilted rhythm, quirky beat

Law School … I’ve boxed up your stuff

We’re through, oh, yes, I’ve had enough

I only keep going to class for the professor’s sake

(No need to hurt the children)

Come pick up this box, damn you.

Law School, yeah, I can’t quite quit you

But that’s just massive debt, I still want to slit you

From stem to stern.

Law School, you make my words violent

I’d rather be punched in the face

Than be loved by you

I’d rather run a one-legged race,

Lose every paternity case

Than be loved by you

Stare decisis – I’m quitting, I’ll never get J.D.’d!

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10:21:12 PM Joyce: WALLZ

10:21:47 PM Aaron: ballz^(walls)

10:21:52 PM Joyce: !


10:27:00 PM Mana: i took a test at school

10:27:10 PM Mana: and noticed there was a bunch of old people wandering around

10:27:13 PM Mana: (i know, i sound terrible)

10:27:17 PM Mana: so i followed them

10:27:21 PM Mana: and voila! voting booths!

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Would never be quite the same as Aaron Eckhart. I’m not done watching the movie yet, but struck by three supersalient things:

1) Nora Zehetner really looks like a younger version of Helna Bonham Carter.

2) She and Aaron Eckhart are super hot an good at their jobs.

3) The split screen is not nearly as distracting after a pretty short time and wow it allows for neat (visual) commentary. Muddles the time/storyline a bit, but maybe that’s the point. ?

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